Stress Resilience for Businesses and Schools

Learn 3 proven methods for building resilience at your business or school during stressful times

The COVID-19 pandemic was incredibly difficult, not least because we lost the human connections that sustain us.

The "Skyrocket Your Stress Resilience" webinar explains 3 proven tools to build stress resilience.

This webinar is a free benefit for business teams and school communities of all types and sizes, including public and private pre-school and K-12 organizations, and homeschool collaboratives.

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Essential Oil Master Class
Everything you need to start using essential oils. Just learning; no obligation. Attend, learn, or share for free.

Kids and Oils: Giving them a Toolbox
This 30 minute class will teach you the basics of essential oils, how to use them safely in your home, and to build a toolbox everyone in the family can use to manage their emotions.

Women's Health and Hormones
There are natural tools to support healthy hormone function in women's bodies, whatever stage of life. We will do what many women never do: discuss our needs.

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